The Environmentally Friendly Series

My Green House is the “environmentally friendly home refitting and lifestyles series” and it’s going to help people understand the many choices they will face in and around their homes that can have an impact on the environment. From energy efficient furnaces to solar water heaters, from mowing the lawn to changing a light bulb, there are hundreds of decisions we face in our day to day lives. And that’s where the GREEN TEAM comes in.

The GREEN TEAM can inspire you in ways, big and small, to diminish your ecological footprint. My Green House’s five co-hosts visit a different home on each episode and help the homeowners become more aware of the different choices they can make and how those choices have an impact on the environment. My Green House also features people profiles and how-to's on techniques to “green” your house.

episode guide

Episode 1

The Green Team invades an acreage to look at wind power, greening meals and shopping.

Episode 2

The Green Team finds a beautiful garden and explores composting, gardening, R2000 Homes and the Net Zero Home project.

Episode 3

The Green Team cleans up with grey water, dishwashers, green roofs and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Episode 4

The Green Team shares eco-friendly tips about wardrobe, heating/cooling, talks about house wrap and visits Nokomis, a local clothing store.

Episode 5

The Green Team visits Grandma and shows her how to green her lighting and gardening using solar panels and rain barrels.

Episode 6

The Green Team talks about recycling, new windows and doors, lo-flo toilets and faucets and speaks with sustainable interior designer Stephani Carter.

Episode 7

The Green Team goes to a home with a built in zoo. They address how to green pets, garden tools, lawnmowers and visit the Urban Farmer.

Episode 8

The Green team busts in and greens homeowners' health products, furnace, transportation choices and talks to Ron Wickman about barrier-free design.

Episode 9

The Green Team visits a bachelor to look at electronics and furnace replacements while featuring Gordon Howell, a solar power system engineer.

Episode 10

The Green Team reveals green tips about cleaning products, insulation, appliance upgrades and learns about Earth's General Store.

Episode 11

The Green Team talks all about water including, hot water tanks and Earth Water. They also look at greening your vehicle.

Episode 12

The Green Team talks about eco friendly options for your kids, indoor air quality, carpets and visits a green friendly school.

Episode 13

The Green Team visits a 100-year old house to look at flooring, beauty products,

window/door replacement and LUSH cosmetics.


Ron E. Scott

Executive Producer/Director/Writer

Jesse Szymanski


Tim E. Mayer

Post-Production Supervisor/Senior Editor

Stephanie Wahlstrom

Production Coordinator / Writer


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