Jesse Lipscombe is a professional high jumper, competing around the world. He also owns a personal training business.

1. What is the most challenging thing about going "green"?

The most challenging thing about going green is consistency. I start with all the vigor in the world, but have to remind myself it takes a little effort to keep the green wheels going.

2. How has My Green House impacted your life?

My Green House has impacted my life by acting as a bridge or platform for friends, family, and strangers alike to stop and converse with me about saving our planet. That is new, and has had a big impact on me.

3. What is your favorite eco-friendly tip?

My favorite eco friendly tip was the green choice to run a full dishwasher over washing dishes by hand (only the newer dishwashers are water conservation friendly). It is a big secret, but I don’t love house chores.

4. What is one green change you have made in your life?

One green change in my life has been to use reusable grocery bags at the store.

5. Why is being eco-friendly important to you?

Being eco friendly is important to me, because life is important to me. Big picture - small changes now, big rewards later.




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