Nominated Best Host
2008 Alberta Film & Television Awards for her work on
My Green House!

Kailin See has traveled the world pursuing her film career and is a student in Environmental Sciences.

1. What is the most challenging thing about going "green"?

Taking the first step. Once you do that it's easy. It's a choice; a choice to make changes in your life style for the benefit of the planet. It does take a little planning and rearranging so to speak, but only at first, once you've decided to do it you'll wonder why you hadn't years before.

2. How has My Green House impacted your life?

I've learned a lot but even more than that My Green House put me in contact with a network of people who believe it's not too late to reverse the damage we've done to our home. Hope is important. Energy and enthusiasm to make change is invaluable; the people involved in My Green House have those things in spades. It's great, it's infectious.

3. What is your favorite eco-friendly tip?

That going green isn't expensive or difficult. It encompasses all the little things we can do with minimal effort to effect huge change. Other than that, hmmm, nope, I'm sticking with my original answer. There are too many to choose from otherwise.

4. What is one green change you have made in your life?

Oh, this is great! I'm in the process of putting together a composting system for my apartment complex. The area I live in Vancouver is all high-rise and old school walk-up apartments making it a little more difficult to compost. The mechanics of it are still being put together but I'll keep you posted as things come together. The idea is to test the project with my building and if it works take the idea to the rest of the neighborhood.

5. Why is being eco-friendly important to you?

Because the clock is ticking and we don't have anywhere else to live. Plain and simple!




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