Shannon Strumecki is an environmental educator, with a special interest in wetlands preservation. She’s worked with both the Calgary Zoological Society and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

1. What is the most challenging thing about going "green"?

Funny, I never think about going green as a "challenge". I think of it as a responsibility, an absolute joy, an honour. Every choice I make can have positive impact on this planet of ours. Challenging to go green?  Nope.  It's all about perspective.

2. How has My Green House impacted your life?

When I think of the potential that My Green House has to help people live happier, healthier lifestyles and positively impact the environment, I want to jump up and down for joy. My Green House has given me the opportunity to cultivate rich friendships with an extraordinary cast and crew. I have felt my hopes and dreams for this planet soar and I now truly feel that the medium of television can be used for progressive, inspiring, life-altering good..

3. What is your favorite eco-friendly tip?

I would say that my favorite eco-friendly tip is start to compost. Composting is easy and fun to do especially if you have a compost bin in your yard. If you live in an apartment or condo and do not have the luxury of a yard composter, do not fear, worms are here. You can get a large plastic bin, add shredded newsprint and water and throw your non-cooked plant based perishables in there.  Whichever way you choose to do it, just know that composting will cut your garbage and local land fills in half. How cool is that?

4. What is one green change you have made in your life?

The latest green change in my life has been the choice to drive a low-emissions vehicle (when I need to). Thanks to the eco-auto rebate in Alberta this year, the government is giving me back $1000 for choosing an eco-friendly car (2007 Toyota Yaris). I also choose to live inner-city and bike and walk as much as I can.

5. Why is being eco-friendly important to you?

Being eco-friendly is absolutely crucial because it gives me the opportunity to consider the consequences of each and every action I make. We are all so connected, like a giant spider web. Our ecological connections are kind of like a game of connect the dots or dominos. Every action has an affect. If I can live clean, green, conscious, and try my best to think of the positive and helpful things I can do, I am fostering a global, connected community.  And that is the kind of community I would like to be a part of.  We are all on the "Green Team" whether we know it or not.




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