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Unfortunately the health and beauty industry is notorious for environmentally unfriendly practices. Many cosmetics companies have “not tested on animals” or “against animal testing” on their packaging. You need to make sure that it is certified by the Humane Cosmetics Standard. Because “not tested on animals” could just mean that the final product wasn’t tested and “against animal testing” could just mean they think it’s wrong, doesn’t mean they don’t do it.

Most companies don’t list all of the ingredients on their products. Beauty products contain a plethora of unregulated chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens. Then, women put these products on their face and near their eyes and mouth, only to ingest them throughout the day. Hair dyes are particularly toxic.

Although most guys don’t use makeup that contains chemicals every day – not that there’s anything wrong with that - they do use shave cream and after shave lotion. Look for an organic cream in a reusable/recyclable package, or better yet, use biodegradable soap and an organic moisturizer afterwards. Fill the sink or a small bowl with a little water and rinse off your blade in there. Use a razor that can be sharpened, those old school straight edges are the best. But that does take some skill, so, try and electric razor or one where the blades can be replaced. It will save the landfills and give you a great, close shave.

Ladies, going au natural may not be something you would be willing to do, even if it meant saving the entire planet. But, you do have green options. Try an all-natural sugar hair removal. You can reuse the strips because the paste washes off with water. A great option for eyebrows is threading. The only by-product there is a tiny piece of thread and the results last just as long as waxing. Whatever you do, avoid those hair creams. Something that disintegrates hair in 3 minutes can’t be good for you or the environment.

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