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Instead of wasting food and containers on processed, jarred baby food, make your own or buy in bulk. It’s actually very easy and cost effective to make your own baby food. Take what you ate for dinner, as long as it’s a balanced meal, and toss it in a blender. You can freeze it in ice cube trays for perfect portion snacks and lunches later. Make your own juice, not packaged dye with sugar. Of course, consult with your pediatrician for proper dietary needs.

It really isn’t necessary to buy all new stuff for your child. Since they grow up so fast, purchasing second-hand items is often the best option. But, make sure you clean and disinfect anything you get. Make sure there are no loose parts that can be eaten. Furniture, clothes, shoes and toys are big purchases that often get recycled as children grow out of them. Seek out consignment stores reselling these items, or speak to friends and relatives about items they may have sitting in storage.

Make sure, if you do purchase toys, they are all natural materials like wood and unbleached fabric, since most of what ends up in a baby’s hands, also ends up in their mouth.

One unavoidable baby fact is diapers. Which are the best ones? Cloth diapers let your baby’s bum breathe while also saving the landfills thousands of diapers a year. There are many varieties available, some with biodegradable liners, and others that are washable. Or, if there is one available, why not try a diaper service?

Exposure to chemicals for any child is never a good idea. Make sure the nursery is painted with natural and zero VOC paints – expecting moms this is not a do it yourself job for you- and make sure it is done well in advance of the baby’s arrival. Also, not a good idea to install new carpets just before a baby arrives. Better yet, do not install carpets at all, as most off-gas chemicals.

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