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According to a German University (University of Bonn) study, modern dishwashers are more efficient than even the most sparing hand dishwasher. So as long as it’s a full load, it’s a much better idea to use the dishwasher.

When buying a new dishwasher, make sure it has the Energy Star label. It will use 30% less energy than standard dishwashers and that equals 30% more money in your pocket. Also, if a dishwasher is more than 10 years old it should be replaced to save water and electricity.
Most of the energy used in a dishwasher is to heat the water. Since your water heater already does this, it’s a waste of energy. Turn down the heat on your water tank and you will save energy and money. A good temperature to keep it at is 49 degrees Celsius. It is the perfect temperature to keep the bacteria away and save energy.

Instead of grabbing a new glass every time you need a drink, have a fun cup designated as your one for use throughout the day. Less dishes to wash equals less energy used, both for you and your dishwasher.

Since modern dishwashers are so powerful, you don’t need to pre-rinse your dishes in the sink.

Another way to save money is to air dry your dishes in the dishwasher. How many times have you or your kids burned yourself or broken a glass because it was too hot, fresh out of the dishwasher? The heat dry option is not the best idea as it consumes a lot of energy, and cracks wooden utensils, cups, etc. Turning off this feature or stopping the cycle and opening the door will save money and energy.

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