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To get that lush green grass, you only need to water your lawn one hour a week, and if it rained that week, you really don’t have to water it at all. Your best bet is to harvest rainwater by routing your gutters and/or collecting it in rain barrels.

Look for plants that are part of the local eco system. Diversity of plants is also more environmental and healthier than a mono-culture.

Use all natural compost, which is full of yummy nutrients and cuts down on landfill waste. Avoid chemicals and pesticides.

Try growing your own vegetables. Involve your kids by giving them each a vegetable to care for. They will learn, you will have great fresh vegetables, and you will have known exactly where they came from.

Why not build a simple greenhouse or use the attached sunspace?

The Earth works on a delicate balance. The bugs that hover around our home and garden will almost always help facilitate a cycle down the line. Don’t spend time, money and chemicals trying to kill all those mosquitoes, they are food for the dragonflies. If you find those mosquito bites really out of control, burn an all-natural citronella candle, instead of covering your body with DEET.

Instead of buying plastic lawn ornaments or chairs from a giant American chain store, make them. Using an old chair, or at least one made of natural wood, will bring a unique look to your lawn. Bend old hangers into unique shapes to create a décor for your back yard.

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