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Ever get a cold that you just can’t shake? It could be because of a super bug. By using “anti-bacterial” soaps, we are creating drug resistant bugs that can really ruin your week. Regular soap works just as well to remove germs and it won’t mutate the common cold into the plague.

The best way to get the vitamins you need is through the natural food it’s found in, not a pill. Not only do pills have a bunch of unnecessary packaging, but it also goes through processes, which involve chemicals and energy. Next time you think of buying that bottle of vitamin C pills, pick up a bag of local, organic oranges.

The whitening agents in toothpaste are often harsh and should not be digested. Try an all-natural toothpaste or baking soda works great and it won’t fill you with fluoride.

Deodorant sticks are produced with aluminum and don’t allow your body to release the toxins contained in sweat. There are eco-friendly brands out there that don’t contain aluminum or you can try an all-natural crystal stick.

Try washing your hair with biodegradable shampoo and using natural styling products, none of which should be in an aerosol can.

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