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Open your blinds. Sunlight is free, energy efficient and makes you happier.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps, or CFLs, are the easiest and most cost effective way to start greening your home. These bulbs initially cost 6 times more. However, they last about 9 years, or 8 to 10 times longer and use 1/5 of the energy. CFLs can reduce the energy you use for lighting as much as 75%. They don’t produce as much heat as a standard incandescent light bulb, and after 6 months of normal usage, the bulbs pay for themselves. All fluorescent lamps, including CFLs, contain a bit of mercury so you must not throw them out in your regular garbage. Most cities have a place where you can go to get rid of the bulbs safely.

Another energy efficient light bulb starting to come onto the market is the light emitting diode, or LED. These cost 10 times more than the CFLs but last another 10 times longer, for 90 years under regular usage. These are a great choice for lights that are left on for extended periods of time, like Christmas lights, or car headlights. At this time, the intensity of LED is not sufficient to light up the entire room but are useful for accent lighting, and for appliances, etc.

If every Canadian replaced one commonly used incandescent bulb with an energy efficient bulb the savings would amount to over $73 million a year and 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

By using only energy efficient light bulbs, the average Canadian home could save $50 a year on their energy bill.

To save when redecorating, hit flea markets, garage sales, and Aunt Edna’s attic. An authentic vintage or antique lamp adds a special feel to your room and can be a great conversation piece. More importantly, you're re-using old items instead of buying new.

Turn off the light as soon as you leave the room, even if you are only leaving for a minute and coming back.

Automatic timers and motion lights are great. Some places a motion light is useful is in a laundry room, storage room, walk in closet or garage. That way you don’t have to worry about turning on the light with your hands full and if someone forgets to turn off the light, it takes care of itself.

Canadian energy consumption has been increasing an average of 1% a year for the past 2 decades. Let’s do something about this. Change a light bulb and make a dent in your energy consumption.
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