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Eat organic. Sometimes the difference in cost can be as little as pennies per kilogram. Most fruits and veggies are sprayed with pesticides, which then become stored in your body when you eat the food.

Even better than organic is local organic. The average distance that food travels to get to your table is 1500 miles in North America.

When you go shopping, bring re-useable bags with you. Paper bags have more embodied energy than plastic bags and costs 2X more to produce. Canvas or other reusable bags or plastic bins are much sturdier than conventional plastic/paper bags.

When choosing items at the store you should really watch out for over packaging. Something in a sealed Styrofoam cup wrapped in plastic and then encased in cardboard doesn’t make it anymore sanitary. Minimal or no packaging is best. Buy the fresh lunch meats from the deli instead of the pre-over packaged stuff in the aisle.

Use re-usable containers for your sandwiches and a washable re-useable lunch bag. Bring a refillable thermos or bottle instead of pop cans or bottled water.

Plan your meals properly so that you don't waste energy preparing the food or waste the food itself. Leftovers? Save them in reusable containers for the next day.

More Tips on Buying Local Organic Food

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