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Here's a fun way to rid your carpet of those not so fresh smells: let your kids, or your kids at heart, run around and spread baking soda all over the carpet. Go back and vacuum it up along with the smells.

Getting pet stains out of the carpet? For fresh accidents, try baking soda.

If you are considering a pet for your home, adopt! It will save some precious animal’s life and discourage mass breeding for profit. And like Bob always said, make sure you spay or neuter your animal to reduce tiny carbon paw-prints that may unexpectedly show up.

Look for FDA approved/organic meat or other all-natural pet foods. In Canada, livestock feed is regulated, but domestic pet food is not. Most pet food is made by the “stuff” not good enough for us to eat, so why would you feed it to your pet?

When you pick up after your pet, make sure it is in a biodegradable bag. If the bag doesn’t decompose, neither will the poop inside of it. Better yet, use it as compost. You can use that to replant the tulips that your puppy dug up last week. If you are the proud parent of a cat, avoid using clay and/or clumping litter. Clay contains silica, which is a carcinogen and the clumping agent can also be fatal to the cat. Instead, look for an environmentally safe litter in your local store.

If you have a pet that leaves marks all over your lawn, instead of over fertilizing to compensate, designate a spot that is out of the way and you are willing to have turn yellow. That’s safer for the environment and anyone who might be enjoying your super-green lawn.

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